EIO’s core competency is to build unique and creative real estate investment strategies through our investment advisory team by combining specific macro-economic conditions with shortages in the ability of regular capital providers to finance transactions. EIO also builds a long-term relationship with its investors to ensure we align interests and work towards fair outcomes for all stakeholders

Our strategies are developed from either one, or combination of, three factors:


The use of technology and data to create competitive advantage


Optimizing the real estate cycle


Decoupling real estate from real estate loans to remove constraints associated with real estate financing

EIO then partners with a wide range of global professional firms to bring these strategies to completion, EIO is far distant from a “2 & 20 manager”.

Examples of Our Strategies are listed below:


Project Elpis offers a solution that enables owners of operating businesses to:

  • Generate immediate liquidity through a sale and lease back

  • Retain significant control over the real estate

  • Improve financing terms

  • Operate within a low-cost vehicle

  • Allow growth and expansion


Project Aether is a close ended real estate fund aimed at providing liquidity and price insulation to real estate owners until the market recovers.


Project England uses technology and a two-stage investment strategy to invest in English real estate. Replace the classic broker model by big data and use the capital stack to buy well.


Project V Aurum believes that Portugal will become the California of Europe over a twenty to thirty-year period. Starting from a low base, the country has all the required ingredients to be the beneficiary of inward investment to materially outpace the majority of other European markets.

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